We are a peer-to-peer payment and distribution ecosystem for the travel industry.

P2P Payments

We enable payments in the travel industry by leveraging blockchain technology as a medium of exchange.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts handle and automate all transactions, ensuring all parties are fairly compensated.

Payment API

Integrate our API and increase sales by accessing a new market segment of travelers that desire to pay using cryptocurrencies.

Lower Costs

Reduce costs and securely settle payments with financial authorities.

What Is Experio?

We are a peer-to-peer ecosystem that empowers individuals and e-commerce companies in travel to harness the transparency and automation that distributed ledger technology allows. We have developed our marketplace which allows anyone to create their own travel experience, become a host and start receiving cryptocurrency-based payments. We make it easy for airlines, hotels and providers of unique travel experiences to directly interact with travellers, reduce fraud and increase sales by accessing to a new market of people willing to pay using cryptocurrencies.

Our goal is to become the go-to company of P2P payment solutions in the world.

Rewards System & Custom Events

Hosts are rewarded based on their performance. As you continue to successfully process and receive bookings your commission will be lowered. Our 10 Tiered system is an incentive for hosts to continue, and in addition, with each climb up our tiered system, hosts will be rewarded with credits that can be redeemed on the Experio Platform.

Users are also rewarded based on their activities on our platform. You can complete achievements, leave reviews and comments, write blogs, and upload photos or videos of your experiences to earn credits. There are many ways to earn, and the more active you are the more you can receive! These credits can then be used to purchase future bookings, take part in raffles and auctions, and redeem them for prizes.

Want to take part in a group experience, but don’t know people to go with? No problem! You can easily create Open Events, which allow you to pay your share of the experience and wait until someone else publicly joins the group. If nobody joins, you will automatically get a 100% refund. You can also create Private Events and invite your friends to join.


Research and analysis about payments in travel

Q4 2017

Development of MVP (Marketplace incl. activity upload feature)

Q1 2018

Internal Testing of Platform

Q2 2018

Feedback from companies in travel

Q2 2018

Cryptoeconomic Research

Q3 2018

Development of our Payment Processor on Stellar

Q3 2018

Release of our Whitepaper

Q4 2018

Web Platform Launch

Q1 2019

Feedback from potential clients

Q1 2019

Development of Experio Wallet

Q2 2019

Release of QR Code Payments on our Beta

Q2 2019

Establishment of Key Partnerships

Q3 2019

Legal Creation and Airdrop of Experio token

Q4 2019
We are currently in Beta. Interested in learning more?
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